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We know the importance of Ramadan but the pillar of Zakat comes before the fasting of Ramadan. So if someone is excited about Ramadan but not excited about Zakah, then he or she has not understood Islam properly. Zakat is a cardinal obligation which is unanimously agreed by all because this is proven from the noble Quran, the blessed Sunnah and from consensus (ijma’). We must answer to Allah if we are irresponsible in fulfilling our individual duties in Islam and ignore the need of Muslims at home who have a right from our wealth as determined by the Almighty. Isn’t NOW always the best time to check our faith and conscience? According to the blessed Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and the practice of his companions, Zakat should be distributed among the deserving people in the region or country where it is collected. Ordinarily transferring Zakat to other places is not correct and generally ill-advised (makruh). Charity has to begin at home and it is our duty to achieve balance between Zakat at home and abroad.JIMAS (Charity Registration No. 1060695) has been spearheading this work of collecting and distributing Zakat in the UK since establishing this focus as a pioneer ten years ago. By the grace of Allah we break new grounds through co-operation with local government bodies, charities and independent yet personal liaison while helping to alleviate poverty and hardships at our doorsteps. Our work extends to the entire society at large. Through thirty years of da’wah and countless classes, exhibitions, seminars in schools, town halls, museums, churches and discussion forums on various faith based or political platforms, as well as conferences, we have built up broad based and perhaps unparalleled relations, understanding and trust of various communities. We attend to all this without turning a blind eye to the needs of various Muslim organisations providing vital complementary support services, whether a help line or a hostel to Muslims, and provide assistance to them in turn.

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We consider every zakat application we receive and personally check claimants or pro-actively find deserving people in society. We particularly help:

  1. Reverts facing difficulties after accepting Islam often coming into the Deen with huge financial debts
  2. Muslim women on the streets, homeless and penniless
  3. Muslim asylum seekers and refugees facing a harsh life of severe restrictions of work and varying measures of hostility
  4. Muslims turning away from faith or victims of missionary efforts here
  5. Muslims who are at the point of eviction or repossession
  6. Deprived families with breadwinners who have lost their means of income
  7. Individuals suffering from crushing debts
  8. Struggling single parent families
  9. People with end to end difficulties of homelessness
  10. Economic hardships of Muslim foreign students
  11. People whose hearts need to be reconciled who are almost completely overlooked by all major relief and aid organizations in the UK.

Of all the refugees and asylum seekers the majority is Muslims and they can be up to 80% of such people in areas of the UK.

Make JIMAS your Charity Organisation of Choice to carry out the obligatory duty of Zakat collection and distribution in the UK on your behalf. Achieve peace of mind and assurance in the heart about this pillar of faith in that 100% of your Zakat is used effectively by  those with experience and ability. It is doubtful if anyone can beat the realism and practicality of JIMAS as yet for Zakat in the UK. We do not have any grandiose schemes, claims, or marketing hype. Simple, practical and effective utilisation of every penny of your Zakat to serve grassroots needs. Help us to consolidate and continue to progress this work for the sake of Allah and help bring greater justice and mercy to our lives as a collective responsibility.

Key Facts About Us

  1. We collect and distribute Zakah with zero overheads. No one is paid to oversee Zakah related work.
  2. Your donations reach deserving people, down to the last penny, and spent only on the eight categories mentioned in the noble Qur’an.
  3. We are the first in the UK to focus on those who deserve Zakat in the UK since ten years ago, strictly according to the Shari’ah.
  4. As pioneers we now have experience of a long and continuing history of social engagement in da’wah (30 years), richly involved in British civic society, and thus have a growing base of needy people who turn to us and trust us. Our grassroots engagement and personal vetting of clients is second to none.
  5. We are recognised for our non-partisanship, honesty and even-handedness.
  6. Giving Zakat to us is safe, legal and avoids all suspicions. Vetted by the Charity Commission, scrutinised by the authorities, and verified by independent firm of auditors, we can assure you total peace of mind when you fulfil this pillar of Islam through us.