JIMAS has many activities in engaging with the public at large and embraces all people without discrimination to help them get close to Islam and develop understanding of it. Particular individuals, especially those with some influence in society, who are found to be opposed to Islam and Muslim are cordially engaged in frank discussions and supported in understanding Islamic and Muslim issues better.

George from London

George accepted Islam after a long search for the truth that calms the heart, quickens the mind, and uplifts the soul, without sacrificing rationality nor removing all mysteries. However, his financial situation was such that he was reduced to eating leftover food off the plates of others. He would hang around Muslims for a long while for company, shelter, food and friendship. However, his economic situation soon began to take its toll on his devotion to Allah. To make matters worse, some Muslims began to see him as a burden while others began to feel he was a nuisance, about which he became aware soon enough. He began to have doubts and started to lose confidence in Islam and Muslims. JIMAS monetary support and religious guidance help eased his soul into gentle gratitude for Islam, and he quickly became a devoted slave of Allah.


Natalie from Eastern Europe

This lady had a lot of friends, hard working, and quite active in society. Suffering from significant financial limitations she endured poverty in considerable hardship. Her opinion of Islam had been bad and she did not think much of Muslims. With JIMAS assistance she became successful in her economic situation. Real help in meaningful ways helped her to benefit from retraining and earning a livelihood. This restored her faith in Islam and Muslims and she was wholly transformed.

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